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PRINCE2 approach

PRINCE2 is the acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments  and it’s a process-based method for effective project management.

PRINCE2 is a widely used project management method, which navigates you through all the essentials for running a successful project. Since it’s introduction in 1989 as a UK government standard for IT project management, PRINCE2 has been taken on by both the public and private sectors and is now recognized as a de facto standard for project management.

PRINCE2 is a flexible method and although originally designed for the management of IT projects it is now aimed at also other types of project. PRINCE2 takes all the simple and obvious lessons learned by thousands of professionals in the past 20-odd years and presents them in a checklist for present clients, managers and their teams. AXELOS Ltd ( www.axelos.com/) own the methodology.

The main features are:

  • A defined management structure;
  • A system of plans for resourcing and technical issues;
  • A set of control procedures;
  • A focus on products - deliverables to the customer and project deliverables for the management of the project;

Nowadays many organizations are employing the skills and services of external suppliers, working alongside in-house resources, to enhance their ability to deliver successful projects. PRINCE2 provides a mechanism to harness these resources and enable the team to integrate and work together effectively on a project.


PRINCE2 history

The PRINCE2 management method was initially developed in 1989 by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency ( CCTA that was renamed to OGC Office of Government Commerce ) as a UK Government standard for information systems (IT) project management. The method was originally based on PROMPT, a project management method created by Simpact Systems Ltd in 1975.

Soon after the first release, PRINCE was successfully used outside the IT environment and in 1996 PRINCE2 was published, with the contribution of some 150 European organizations.

In July 2013, ownership of the rights to PRINCE2 was transferred from Cabinet Office to AXELOS Ltd, a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Capita plc.

PRINCE2 has become increasingly popular and is now a de facto standard for project management in the UK. It’s use has spread beyond the UK to more than 50 other countries.


About PRINCE2 qualifications

Qualifications are governed by the passing of two exams: the PRINCE2 Foundation and the PRINCE2 Practitioner.

The PRINCE2 Foundation is the first of the two PRINCE2 Examinations you are required to pass to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner. This level is for those that would like to learn the basics and terminology of PRINCE2 and is aiming to measure whether a candidate would be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 method within a project environment supporting PRINCE2.

The PRINCE2 Professional certification is the next step for PRINCE2 Practitioners looking to further demonstrate their expertise in the PRINCE2 method. This level will test your ability to manage a non-complex PRINCE2 project across all aspects of the project lifecycle.

PRINCE2 certification is an invaluable asset to anyone's career as it increases employment prospects and helps individuals do their jobs more effectively, becoming an advantage to their employers.




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