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Why use PRINCE2?


The PRINCE2 management method is spreading worldwide because many people from the private sector are finding real benefits from using it.

Using PRINCE2 will make your work more organized by using the specific procedures and language. The benefits will be visible not only at the directors/executives or project management level but also what concerns the team. Some of the key advantages from using PRINCE2 are:

- Fewer meetings and less reports to write down;
- More work freedom for team members;
- Involvement of each team member in decisions about change request;
- For the project managers improvement in clarity to what has to be delivered;
- More time for project managers to focus on high value activities as risk management;
- Direct link between strategic objectives and operational change;
- Fact based decision for the directors/executives;

Why study PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is the most widely recognized project management qualification and is used in more than 50 countries. Some of the key reasons why PRINCE2 is worth the effort of study:

  • A PRINCE2 Qualification will give you first class project management skills
  • Studying PRINCE2 will give you the confidence in managing projects successfully
  • Implementing PRINCE2 in your projects will give you common systems, procedures and language;
  • You will make fewer mistakes, learn from those that you do make, saving time, money and effort;
  • Being PRINCE2 qualified will greatly improve your employment prospects;
  • A PRINCE2 qualification is a great asset for your CV;
  • PRINCE2 is recognized as a worldwide and is the standard method for project management and is recognized as de facto; standard for project management by the UK government; 




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